How I Repaired My-Home Ac Myself At Under $20

DEBORAH. 先進的測試確認與修補都由技術人員在 CAM Workstation 上執行.由 key- board 或 mouse 來 移動 x,y 座標,多層板各層次之線路以不同顏色重迭顯示 在螢幕上,因此找點確認非常簡易. I also tried pushing with a rolling-pin as before, flipping the board every second or so. I had better chance this way but leaped out of double-sided board before I possibly could obtain results that are entirely successful. Blend the compounds into the pot that you will do the Produce only etchant to include the board. Agitating the etchant helps etch the panel evenly and regenerates the etchant by oxidizing ions in alternative. Remove the table when entirely etched and soak it in water to rinse-off the etchant.

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I tried demanding using a rolling pin as before, so or flipping the panel every minute. I'd better luck this way but leaped out-of double sided table before I really could accomplish results that are completely successful. Blend the chemicals straight into the package you will do the etching in. Create simply etchant to cover the table. Etch is helped by agitating the etchant the table uniformly and regenerates the etchant by oxidizing Cu+ ions. Remove the board when fully etched and bathe it in water to rinse off the etchant.